Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Seeing the unexpected

View of Essex Marsh

What an exhilarating feeling we get from seeing the unexpected. The problem is that beautiful things are mostly unseen because the average individual just doesn't bother to look. Nature is a great teacher to those who observe what she offers. Plein air painters or those artists who paint from life experience those rare moments of the unexpected as they view their images from their heart while they process what their eyes tell them. They are trained to express what they feel and not what they know. More later


mary said...

I love this painting and your style of painting and the colors you use. I plan to check in frequently to see what happens next. You have a great web site but now with the blog--it's very exciting.

K.Idaka said...

Hello,Its very very nice and wonderfull.
your work is so fantastic
I enjoyed of your paintings!

frank said...

Hi Larry Enjoyed our time together at the Cape. We are very impressed with your and Judy's talents. Larry you should have persued a painting (artistic)career instead of a being a Product Engineer most of your life. You guys are very good. Regards Frank